With a combination of the welcoming locals, beaches, scenery, and the sea, The Dominican Republic stands out. When you arrive, renting a boat to see it all is the finest way to make it extra special.

The Basics of Boat Rentals

Boats Available for Rent

It’s pretty nice to know that whatever your idea for a boat ride might be, there is an option. Going through the list of potential boat rentals, you’ll notice there are definitely options for every pocket, and every desire. 

Mini dinghies to luxury catamarans – it’s all at the disposal of the people eager to visit the Dominican Republic. Kayaks and paddleboards also await, forthe more active crowd. 

Cost of Boat Rentals

The first important thing to mention is to check if the boat rental in Dominican Republic includes fuel in the price. This should be your starting point. Maybe you’ll find practically the same boat with two completely different prices, and wonder what it’s all about. Sometimes, the renting price is calculated without fuel, and it may just happen that you are informed about this fact when you’re already on site. So, to save yourself a disappointment, check in advance.

Now, smaller boats can be rented from 50$ a day and up, while the fancier yachts require you to put aside several thousand per day. Also, keep in mind that most rental companies will require a security deposit upfront. You’ll get this money back once you’ve returned the boat in pre-rented condition.

How to Rent a Boat

Choosing a Good Rental Company

Start by doing research into the rental company you’re interested in. The goal would be to find good reviews and reputable customer service. Another factor is the actual location of the company. It sounds like an obvious good sign if the company is near a populated area, but this can bring the cost way up. If you don’t mind having extra logistics planned, a company that’s outside of the city may save you expenses. 

Also, if there is an option to have an orientation and safety briefing beforehand, make sure to add this step to your list before setting off. This is especially a good idea if you’re not experienced in sailing. 

Making a Reservation

Ok, you’ve made the decision. Now, go on and make a reservation for a boat rental in Dominican Republic. Online, or over the phone, it will require you to know the exact date you want to rent. Should you need additional services, mention them right then to ensure everything will be prepared for your arrival. A captain, staff or fishing equipment are some of the services available. Read the company’s cancellation policy before making your reservation.

Important to Know

Laws and Regulations

If you’re planning to set sail without a local captain who is familiar with the laws and regulations of the Dominican Republic, you have to get acquainted with them yourself. This includes speeding limits and required safety gear. 

Also, there are restricted areas where you are not allowed to sail, and where you are forbidden from anchoring. Some of these areas are protected marine reserves.

Safety Considerations

Safety first, as they say. Making sure you’re equipped with VHF radio, life jackets for all of those on board, and other vital gear is of the utmost importance. After that, you can worry about the food, drinks and sunscreen (which are vital, as well).

And just in case you’re not aware, the Dominican Republic is disposed to hurricanes. So, checking the weather forecast is key. Then you’ll have a relaxing day on the open water. Better to postpone the trip, than to spend the day anxious.

Dominican Republic by Boat

Popular Destinations

A boat rental ensures you’ll be free to visit what you like at your convenient time. You’ll want to head out to the north coast for gorgeous beaches. They are a great pick for swimming and snorkeling. Trendy tourist spots are on the east side. 

Catalina and Saona are islands you can visit as well. They are home to the East National Park, where coral reefs and marine animals wait.

Activities to Enjoy