You have made a good choice. You are going to visit a destination of Punta Cana, a traveler’s dream. It’s an amazing resort town that is known as a place where the beach is just the beginning. We are ready to show you how to take your vacation to new extremes by living out a fantasy on a boat.

Dolphin Island Park Visit

Explore the Marine Park

Dolphin Island Park offers many activities. Snorkeling in the coral reef, interacting with sea lions and relaxing on the floating island. You could visit a bird show and learn about tropical birds, which the island has an abundance of. The boat trips to Punta Cana offer a truly remarkable taste of the exotic!

Interact with Dolphins

You’ve seen incredible interactions people have with dolphins, right? Here, you can carry out your own dream of swimming alongside them. Known as creatures with high intellect, they will interact with you and show you how gentle and caring they are.

Catamaran Cruise to Saona Island

Take in the Beauty of Saona Island

This full-day cruise takes you to the remarkably beautiful Saona Island. A nature reserve and part of the East National Park. It offers swimming, sunbathing, and exploring local fauna and flora.

Beachside Barbecue

A barbecue in your backyard brings fond feelings of relaxation with friends and family. How about having one on the beach? Saona’s cruise ends just like that: a beachside barbecue for lunch. The menu has all the favorites, naturally. Exquisite seafood, tropical fruits, grilled meat. 

Marinarium Snorkeling Cruise

Catamaran Chill

Kick your shoes off on a catamaran and enjoy the coast view. The boat trips to Punta Cana include stopping at a natural pool. A floating bar offers a chance to have a nice drink while you’re there.

Experience the Underwater World

The Marinarium Cruise is the one to book for a snorkeling session. Swimming with exotic fish, nurse sharks and stingrays is made possible at a marine park Marinarium. Even if you are a complete beginner, doesn’t matter. Everything is well organized and explained to you. 

Sunset Sailing Cruise

Romantic Evening

Ignite the passion and the romance easily, taking a smooth cruise with live music. Is there anything more romantic? The cruise provides a candle-lit dinner to complement the mood.

Magical Caribbean Sunset

A sunset over the Caribbean Sea is something else. This type of cruise is a spectacle and a perfect way to end a day in Punta Cana. 

Fishing Charter in Deep Sea

Thrill of Deep Sea Fishing

Punta Cana holds a reputation for excellent fishing conditions. The possibility to catch a variety of species (including tuna, marlin,mahi mahi, and sailfish) is mandatory for an angling enthusiast. The experienced crew will ensure you have a smashing fishing adventure.

Comforts of Luxury Charter

Most of the deep sea fishing charters in Punta Cana offer luxury yacht comfort. These could be the air-conditioned cabin, meal prepared by the chef, or a cocktail on the sun deck. The sunset over the ocean ensures a perfect end to a day.

Bring your enthusiasm to a place made for dreamers. Book some, or for that matter all of these remarkable boat trips. Every adventure you take part in will be accompanied by seasoned professionals, so have no worries. Just indulge in all Punta Cana has in store for you!