Visiting the Caribbean while having a personal yacht results in the ideal vacation. This article will assist you in finding the best renting agency, and give suggestions on where to go.

Finding the Perfect Yacht Rental

The Dominican Republic has plenty to offer when it comes to yacht renting – any possible size and solution is available. According to your preference, you can book a small, intimate yacht for two, or a vast spacious one with plenty of room for a big group. 

Make a list of what you need. A family trip would consider a smaller rental, and therefore less needed space. For a larger group, you will require something bigger. 

The budget should be on the list, and according to it, you pursue available options. Sometimes, larger yacht rentals in Dominican Republic are less expensive if they only have the basics aboard. On the other hand, if a personal chef is with you, a smaller boat will cost more. Where you want to go with your yacht is another factor to consider. All of this makes a difference, so be advised.

Top Yacht Rental Companies in the Dominican Republic

We’ve assembled a list of yacht rentals in Dominican Republic you can consider, making the choice easier for you. Let’s see it.

1. Dominican Yacht Charters

Probably the most popular rental company, Dominican Yacht Charters has an excellent reputation and also stellar reviews. They offer competitive pricing, as they offer a long list of yachts and added services with them. Basically, anything you can think of, they have it. Small and fast or large and luxurious – it’s in their portfolio. 

2. Caribbean Yacht Charters

Another one with great customer service and many options is Caribbean Yacht Charters. They have small and homestyle yachts, but also larger ones with more options on board. Luxurious grand yachts are here too, for the insatiable ones. They withhold their reputation for a reason.

Exploring the Dominican Republic by Yacht

It’s safe to say there are many spots to go and see in the Dominican Republic, but here we are mentioning the two top choices for a yacht travel. 

1. Historical Santo Domingo

As the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is on another level for sure. The city offers much possibility for anyone – from the history to the culture and lively night life. Should you visit, a good place to start is the Zona Colonial. This is the city’s historic district, and is proudly a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Beauty of Punta Cana

This popular town has the best beaches. You can spend the day doing water sports, or enjoying the coast. Great for a yacht cruise, because you can extend the visit if needed.


Yacht rentals in the Dominican Republic are available for booking the whole year, but it’s advisable to make a reservation early on. Whatever your ideal vessel is, it will be easier to find it. After that, just wait patiently and enjoy your vacation!